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How to care for your Make Up By M Lashes 

Step 1


 To ensure you preserve your lashes, it is important to remove the lashes with make up remover.

Step 2


It is helpful to get a cotton bud and apply your make up remover to this and rub this along the lash line of your eyes.

Step 3 


Slowly peel away the lashes and remove of any adhesive on the false lashes gently.

Step 4


Place in a bowl warm water and a little bit of shampoo. Place the lashes in here to remove any dirt and debris.

Step 5


Give the lashes a gentle rub in the soapy water and then rinse in another bowl with water.


Step 6

Get a kitchen towel or tissue and slowly dab the lashes removing any excess water.


Leave the lashes on a clean tissue to dry over night.


Et Voila, your lashes can be stored in the gorgeous lash box provided and used over and over again !

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