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The Make Up By M Lashes

Bollywood Heroine Collection

Luxury & Cruelty Free Lashes

These lashes have been created with the essence of providing confidence and making you look and feel beautiful. They are cruelty free, fluffy and luxurious.


Each lash style is individually designed with love and care.


Early 90’s Bollywood Movies were my staple growing up and the heroines of these movies captured my heart. They were my role models growing up and always filled my screen with dancing, dressing up and make up.


Each of these lashes have been designed to suit any eyeshape. They are easy to apply and lightweight!

You can use these lashes over 20 times! Just check the After care lash page for more information on how to maintain them.

The Bollywood inspired lashes have been categorised to help you find the perfect lash for you.


Natural Lashes

Au Naturelle Collection

Suitable for those with small eyes, hooded eyes and for those who want to wear these without feeling OTT


Glamour Lashes


The in between Au Naturelle and Bollywood Glamour ;) that give you both natural look but on the fuller side too without being too dramatic. 


Dramatic Lashes

Bollywood Glamour

These are those lashes which will make heads turn! They are super voluminous, fluffy and long to really get you in the party mood! But hey, who said they're only partying! wear them whenever you wish!

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